Workshops at Château La Coste – 2019

Throughout the year, Château La Coste holds workshops dedicated to young aspiring artists!
Children and teens can discover the work of the artists at Chateau la Coste and discover their artistic side through photography, painting, collage…
Château La Coste becomes a residence for artists on Saturday afternoons.

Archi Workshop with MAV – PACA

From Jean Prouvé’s work and the exhibition L’âme du Métal, parents and kids design a model of a furniture of their own choice (chair, desk) to create a set by family at the end of the workshop.
Audience : family

Analyse of the school furniture around the exhibition “L’âme du Métal – Jean Prouvé and realization of his own furniture according to his expectation.

Audience : Kids from 6 years old

Through discovery of the exhibition L’âme du Métal by Jean Prouvé, adults will realize a kit furniture based on the ideas of Jean Prouvé’s chair.
Audience : Adult from 16 years old

Arty Workshop with Marine

After a presentation of Modern Art and Aubusson tapestry, creation of a textured panel like a visual Jungle, pop and sparkling.

Audience : kid from 6 years old or Duet Parent/kid

Approach of Calder’s work and realization of a mobile.
Audience : Kids from 6 years old or duet Parent/kid

Artistic work with flower, fruits and texts.
Audience : Kid from 6 years old or duet Parent/kid

After visiting the potager and picking flowers, create an artwork from it.

Audience : kid from 6 years old or duet Parent/kid