The 2022 hervests starts at Château La Coste 

The Harvests have just started at Château La Coste. The estate pays particular attention to this, an important step in the wine production. 
Our wines cerified "organic wines" are in conversion to the biodynamic from 2011. So, it's very important to carry out thoroughly this win production's first step. 

Every year, we need to respect many factors to start the harvests : 

  • The first factor is the "Ban des Vendanges". All winegrowers need to respect this administrative authorization to start harvests. 
  • The second is the grape maturity subject to the alcoholic maturity, the phenolic ripeness and the use of tools. 
  • The last factor depends to the climatic and weather conditions. 

This year, the drought that affected the whole of France made the 2022 vintage hot and waterless. We can observe a heterogeneous maturity on the same grape variety. The grapes have different colours, different sizes and this could be confused with a vintage of frost.
Due to the lack of water caused by the drought, the start of the harvest is early this year. But the sanitary quality during the harvest is nevertheless perfect.

Our pickers collect grapes and they take them away in our Jean Nouvel's winemaking cellars. Château La Coste have seven grape varieties, grape varieties with different characteristics in order to produce multi-purpose wines with unique tannins. 

  1. Cabernet Sauvignon 
    Recognisable by its longer than wide bunches, Cabernet Sauvignon is a grape variety that gives wines power, abundant and tasty tannins as well as fruity aromas marked by notes of black fruits and berries. This grape variety is present on two of the Domaine's vineyard plots and is used to produce five cuvées.
  2. Syrah
    A medium to small grape variety, Syrah generally produces wines of intense red colour and aromatic power. This grape variety gives off notes of red and black fruits and offers full-bodied, low acid and tannic wines. It is found on four parcels and produces six Château La Coste wines.
  3. Grenache
    This variety produces both red and rosé wines. With its red colour, this variety offers wines with red and black fruit aromas, underlined by notes of spices. In rosé wines, it gives the nectar a pale colour, intense fruity aromas and a silky finish.
  4. Sauvignon Blanc
    Sauvignon Blanc has a lemon to golden colour and aromas of blackcurrant, boxwood, citrus and flowers. A dry, mineral white wine, Sauvignon Blanc is recognised by its small, truncated cone-shaped bunches.
  5. Vermentino
    This white grape variety offers a quality wine, balanced, fat and with a beautiful pale colour. With its fresh citrus aromas, this wine has an intense aroma and is smooth on the palate. The slightly elliptical berries can be seen on five parcels of the Domaine.
  6. Chardonnay
    This grape variety is a cross between Pinot Noir, a fine and delicate grape variety and Gouais Blanc, a simple and ordinary grape variety. Chardonnay offers different finishes and aromas depending on the soil and climate. It gives two of our wines in which it is present a rich texture with white fruit aromas.
  7. Cinsault
    Cinsault likes a warm, sunny climate. Rosé wines made from Cinsault are in vogue and that is why it is found in our Château Rosé. With a low acidity level, Cinsault gives the wines several aromas such as fruit or flowers with a refined and balanced finish.

The staff at Château La Coste are delighted to present our 2022 wine vintages. We are confident that once again our wine will reflect the richness of Provence.