Rieko Tamura – Château la Coste 2019

This series of photographs by Japanese artist Rieko Tamura have been taken at Château la Coste during a visit in March 2019. Using a particular silver film camera, a technique that she has been exploring for 19 years, and photographing mostly in the soft light of dusk or dawn, Tamura has captured the provencal light and poetic moments across the property. The human intervention amidst the beauty of nature is seen in some instances through works of art, or simply in the geometry of the vineyards. In this way, Tamura visualises “the unconscious dimension of human life resonating with the nature that surrounds it.” In other images, nature stands alone.

Greater detail is achieved through the use of Bartya paper, which involves a slow washing and drying process. In her own words, Tamura concentrates at the level of fine grain detail, “controlling every part of the photographic process from the outdoors to the dark room, it is as if I am “drawing” these photographs in black and white, or “painting” a universe that I can see.”

Tamura grew up in Hokkaido, an island known for its harsh climate and many of her works seem to confront the power of nature with a hint of fear and the sublime. Her images of forests, snow covered landscapes and the sea have been praised for their sensibility and contemplative nature.

Rieko Tamura has lived and worked in Paris since 2011.