Paul Mathieu – Still Motion

This event brings together a selection of Paul Mathieu’s iconic pieces of the last ten years, created independently of each other as objects of sculpture or as part of collections.Presented as furniture in different countries and spaces, they are now gathered at Chateau La Coste as individual works detached from their functional aspect.From the different countries and workshops from which they were imagined, elaborated and produced, these pieces gave birth to a movement, an owned emotion, a suspended moment, “Motion Immobile” where the visitor is invited to witness, be inspired, and transported.

This exhibition is an opportunity to see the creations of Paul Mathieu for the first time converse together, with the public, in one place and in the architectural space of Renzo Piano.“To be totally free from something that I may have done before—I first empty my mind of everything that can bind me, grab my sketchbook and begin to sketch… and let the sketch talk to me.”

Paul Mathieu’s furniture and lighting designs are like the man himself—unique with depth and style. The commonality of his designs, whether they are a bespoke creation for a client, one of his collections, representations or licensees, are pure Paul Mathieu in their exquisite craftsmanship and aesthetic austerity fabricated from the finest materials and with innovative technology. His avant-garde furnishings combine traditional and contemporary elements that create sensual and sculptural silhouettes. There is an unassuming harmony of nature that blends the sinuous curves of his designs with tailored geometry, creating a fluidity of components. Graceful and elegant modernism pieces are the result of his highly distinctive aesthetic style. There is a clean, luxurious simplicity as well as a richness…and always unseen but thoughtful engineering, lending to the design’s mysterious quality.

Bespoke furniture and lighting designs have always been at the core of Mathieu’s work. He continually designs furniture and lighting for clients, working one-on-one; His original designs are found within some of the world’s most coveted international furniture collections among them Donghia, Holly Hunt, Luxury Living Group, Stephanie Odegard, and Ralph Pucci; and his signature collections in bronze and Murano glass are available through Ralph Pucci and the Willer Gallery, London.

No matter what piece Mathieu may be designing, it is ultimately instinctive. In starting to design an object, he lets his hand naturally guide his pencil on a piece of paper, tracing shapes and contours. As he says, “A sort of listening is at play when I design furniture, whereby edges and forms are revealed. It is also the expression of thoughts and memories through form.”