The Tadao Ando Art Centre in Provence

A Japanese master of architecture

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Tadao Ando Art Centre

In the heart of Provence at Château La Coste and enjoy an extraordinary sensory experience.

The Japanese master of architecture has designed a setting in which to enjoy art in natural surroundings, playing with materials and textures.

Built in a V shape, the building reflects light and creates a real sense of space with its imposing bay windows.

Tadao Ando has created smooth concrete walls with a sculptural feel for a building with geometric lines, framing and a variety of reflections.

The Japanese architect wanted to create a work of art which would intertwine with nature, inspired by Cézanne’s paintings and with a real sense of humility, something which is particularly important to Château La Coste

One of its V-shaped wings houses the reception area and the bookshop.

The other wing of this V-shaped building is home to the Tadao Ando restaurant which overlooks the water and the vineyards.