At Domaine Château La Coste The Wine Cellar

the Wine Cellar

Located in the heart of Provence between the historic city of Aix en Provence and the Luberon National Park, Château La Coste is a vineyard where Wine, Art and Architecture live in harmony, as evidenced by our winery designed by the French architect Jean Nouvel. 

To understand Domaine Château La Coste’s philosophy, visit the wine cellar of Jean Nouvel.

Everyday in English at 2pm. 

The alchemy of the process to blend different grape varieties takes place in this new-generation vat room, designed by the French architect Jean Nouvel and officially opened to mark the grape harvest in 2008. 

This brand new technology has a particularly avant-garde look with its steel sheets and brings out the wines’ natural flavours and aromas.

incredible terroir,
a unique place

This architectural structure, a one-of-a-kind in Provence, consists of two buildings where harvested grapes are stored and ripened and the wines are bottled.

The wine cellar provides optimal conditions to produce excellent wines which convey the subtleties of the terroir of Provence around the world.

The first building houses the machinery for sorting the grapes by hand and for pressing.

Opposite this machinery, behind frosted glass, the bottling equipment and a vast storage area can be found.

Hidden away some 17 metres underground are the wine cellar’s huge vats, accessed by steel footbridges. Deep down in this subterranean lair, Domaine Château La Coste’s wines are left to mature

Tasting Workshops

A visit to the wine cellar is an opportunity to enjoy a unique sensory experience and to learn more about the latest technological innovations involved in the wine-making process at Château La Coste. 

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