Argentinian Restaurant Francis Mallmann near Aix-en-Provence

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The Restaurant is closed until Friday 17th of February

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Lunch - Saturday and Sunday 
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Paying homage to every ingredient by bringing out its flavours through an extremely precise cooking process.

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The Argentinian restaurant Francis Mallmann stands out with its black and white décor which creates a stylish and welcoming hacienda feel, where guests can enjoy a sociable meal.

This focus on the importance of spending time together is particularly apparent on sunny days when the restaurant’s central terrace comes into its own.

Fans of gourmet food can admire the fire dome above which beef, pork, fish and vegetables are hung to cook slowly as they soak up the flames’ delicate smoky flavour.

The restaurant’s generous philosophy is clear to see in the flavourful dishes which are served here. Led by the eponymous Argentinian chef, who believes in paying homage to every ingredient by bringing out its flavours through an extremely precise cooking process, the restaurant serves cuisine with real personality, reflecting the very spirit of Château La Coste: natural, fiery and timeless. 

Olive focaccia and cremona puff pastries go perfectly with beautifully tender rib steak, scarlet prawns à la plancha and aubergine Milanese with Beaufort cheese. Argentina’s powerful flavours are showcased in the restaurant’s signature dishes: beef empanadas cooked over a wood fire, traditional Argentinian stew with seasonal vegetables. The desserts also play with a wealth of flavours, from old-fashioned dulce de leche flan to banana cooked in ashes and gently smoked pineapple (a 10-hour process).

Domaine Château La Coste’s organic wines from Provence and Argentinian wines are the perfect accompaniment to these dishes.

Treat yourself to an Argentinian getaway and enjoy cuisine by the chef Francis Mallmann at Château La Coste. 

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