Moment of Affection - Mary McCartney 

Château La Coste presents the first exhibition in France of Mary McCartney's work. "Moment of Affection" traces thirty years of the British photographer's career, from her beginnings to the present day, with more than twenty works from her personal archives.

Born in London in 1969, Mary McCartney has long dedicated her photographic work to portraiture, a practice in which she places her relationship with her model at the heart of the creative process.

The exhibition is inspired by a recurring theme in McCartney's work: capturing rare and spontaneous moments of intimacy. Whether tender portraits of hes family, photos driven by intense emotion, or poignant shots gleaned from nature, McCartney's photographs share an immediacy and universality of great evocative power. Through fundamental themes such as love, desire and mourning, they evoke emotions and memories in the viewer.

Discover two works by Mary McCartney in limited editions : "Hello" and "Gently Holding Frog". Two photographs from her exhibition "Moment of Affection" to be found online or in our Art Center.

Practical information 
Open every day from 12pm to 6pm

Moment of Affection - Mary McCartney 
Bastide Gallery 
22nd of June - 4th September 2022

Limited Edition - Mary McCartney