L'eau et le rêve - Zhou Li 

The artist Zhou Li presents his collection of paintings "Water and Dreams" from June 18, 2022. 
The artist expresses his vision of nature and mountainous landscapes of southern China in the gallery of the Anciens Chais restored by Jean-Michel Wilmotte.

" In front of the garden of my house is a very shallow river leading to a small lake, so that it can be called a ditch. The river is greenish in color and is an artificial mixture of salt and fresh water. The water is so clear that you can see the fish in it very well.
During the pandemic period, from 2020 to 2022, this is one of the places I go to contemplate and daydream. During the day, the surface of the water is like a mirror, reflecting the blue of the sky and the greenery of the lush plants along the river, especially an elegantly shaped shrub.
Apart from the reflection of the shrub, the leaves falling into the water, creating the wavy lines of different shapes on the surface, break and alter the reflected images. "

- Zhou Li

Discover the limited edition of Zhou Li : "Landscape of Nowhere" inspired by her exhibition. 

Practical information 
Open everyday 12pm - 6pm

L'eau et le rêve
Gallery of the old wine cellars
18th of June - 31st of August 2022

Limited Edition - Zhou Li
"Landscape of Nowhere"