Artistic Workshops at Château La Coste

Throughout the year, Château La Coste holds workshops dedicated to young aspiring artists!
Children and teens can discover the work of the artists at Chateau la Coste and discover their artistic side through photography, painting, collage … Château La Coste becomes a residence for artists on Saturday afternoons.

This workshop explores photography associated with the technique of collage. Discovering the exhibition I AND THEM 08/18 by Thomas Dozol, participants discuss photography and portraiture and hold a photography session. The photographs will then be printed to become the medium of various collages and cuttings. Each will be able to deconstruct his own portrait from cut papers, graphic games and various colors.

The exhibition presents some photographs of nudes, therefore the workshop is reservedfor those over 12. Thomas Dozol’s photographs are visible on the artist’s website:

This experience around Cy Twombly‘s exhibition is the first “Parent-Child” Workshop at Château La Coste!  Marine will help you and your child to create a painting inspired directly by the creations of the artist. The workshop begins with a presentation of his photographic and pictorial work in our new gallery, followed by an invitation to soak up his unbridled and spontaneous expression. You learn step by step to create bright color pallets from his floral poems, to choose your own gestures and writings on the web.

The main idea of this workshop will be “do it” and not “do it right”; this is how Twombly liked to paint, from the right hand to the left hand, like a ballet undulating between mastery and impulse.

During a short visit of the Art and Architecture walk to the artwork “Oak Room” by artist Andy Goldsworthy, the children learn about Land Art and discover the autumnal landscape of the estate. On their way back,  they can observe and collect various elements for use in an outdoor workshop. What is the point of using natural materials? What can be created from nature?
This workshop develops creative processes with elements of nature, to question the concept of the ephemeral, and to have fun outdoors.

From 5 years old (for unaccompanied children). Outdoor workshop, dress warmly.

Create a bright and daring house from recycled cardboard, this is what the Painted Houses workshop offers you. We will discuss the work of the different architects of Château La Coste and their relationship to light. Everyone can then create their model by defining the structure of home and its openings. You can then complete it in paint by dressing it with acid colors. Your home will even become a candle and will reveal in the darkness new visual effects. Surprises will be revealed through the notion of scale and interplay of light and shade. From 6 years old (for unaccompanied children).

This workshop invites you to discover the world of psychedelic drawings by Louise Bourgeois. Inspired by geometric patterns and scholarly combinations of colors, you will create a unique set of coasters. A dive to optical art and a sensory experience. The session allows you to sharpen your skills of concentration and repetition while letting go. Let yourself be caught in Louise’s web … Duo Parent-child, from 6 years old (for unaccompanied children).

A workshop to create moving and embossed cards. The opportunity to discover different techniques of cutting and folding, for a colorful and fun result! The Pop Up workshop allows children to create original cards for the end of year celebrations or for all occasions. They can loose themselves in their imagination and choose from various colors and shapes to make cards to exhibit or offer. From 6 years old (for unaccompanied children).

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