Taizo Kuroda

Taizo Kuroda is internationally recognised as one of the leading ceramicists of his generation. While his work is rooted in the deep traditions of Japan and demonstrates a knowledge of both Chinese and Korean prototypes, he has developed his own original techniques and a signature aesthetic.
His marriage of modern technology with strong Japanese traditions has led to comparisons with other leading Japanese practitioners, such as the architect Tadao Ando and the fashion designer Issei Miyake.  He is planning a very special presentation of his work, transforming the Renzo Piano pavilion into a Japanese space to meditate on his work.

From the 8th of June to the 13th of August 2019 

Don McCullin

Southern Frontiers

As a great traveler, McCullin has become familiar with remote parts of the globe and this collection is divided into two parts. The first part, the Levant, includes the ruins of Baalbek in the Lebanon, Palmyra in Syria, and Jirash in Jordan. The second part, the Moghreb, covers a sweeping journey through the North African coastal countries Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya, where he has photographed the great ruins of Leptus Magna. McCullin’s photographs, taken on a large-format camera, are evocative of the views of distinguished 19th-century predecessors who came with sketchbooks and paints.

From 30th of June to 15th of August 2019

The Temple of Jupiter, Baalbek, Lebanon, 2008 © Don McCullin, Courtesy Hamiltons Gallery, London

Michel van der Aa


Eight is a mixed reality project by the composer and director Michel van der Aa in collaboration with singer-songwriter Kate Miller-Heidke. It is a unique, groundbreaking fusion of musical theatre, Virtual Reality (VR) and visual art that tells a woman’ s life story in reverse chronology. Visitors meet a woman of about 70-years-old, then the 35-year-old version of her and finally an eight-year-old girl. Visitors literally and figuratively follow the woman in a mixed reality world, interacting with the woman and the installation itself.

From the 1st to the 31st of July 2019 – Partnership with Festival d’Aix 
Experience on booking only


Jean-Michel Basquiat

Working with the Galerie Enrico Navarra, we present a specially curated display of artworks on paper and objects by Jean-Michel Basquiat from 1977 to 1988. Over his short yet prolific career, Jean-Michel Basquiat created an aesthetic that combined an extraordinary rich lexicon of iconography, symbols, words, historical references and comic book imagery. Jean-Michel Basquiat knew how to seize, depict certain moments of our contemporary history and represented his experience at a time of societal change. Aside from the wide range of subject matter, this didactic exhibition will illustrate his process of creation and the large range of media he used.

from the 10th of August to the 13th of October 2019

“We have decided the Bullet must have been going very fast”, 1979-80 ©The Estate of Jean-Michel Basquiat/Licenced by Artestar – Courtesy Galerie Enrico Navarra

Yoshitomo Nara

Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara presents his second solo exhibition in France and his first in over fifteen years. Nara is internationally renowned for his distinctive paintings, sculptures, and drawings of single figures. While this imagery is rooted in Japanese popular culture. Nara’s approach reveals a deep connection with the process of making. His paintings are expressions of colour that breathe life into his bold images, his sculptures bear traces of his fingers that have shaped their forms, and his drawings capture the spontaneity of his daily thoughts.

from the 23rd of August to the 22nd of November 2019

Jean-Michel Othoniel

Île Singulière

Île Singulière, a project specially created for the new space designed by Renzo Piano, reaffirms Othoniel’s interest in contemporary architecture. Minimal and abstract sculptures in blue and silver mirrored bricks will reflect the pure volumes of the building creating new architectures.

from the 23rd of August to the 22nd of November  2019 


Rieko Tamura

Japanese photographer Rieko Tamura lives and works in Paris. Her photographs of forests, snow covered landscapes and the sea have been praised for their sensitive and contemplative nature. Tamura grew up in Hokkaïdo, an island known for its harsh climate and many of her images seem to confront the power of nature with a sense of awe and the sublime. A new series of photographs will also be shown by the artist for the first time.
Exhibition closed on Saturday 25th of May
Exhibition from 28th of April to 19th of June 2019 

Tadao Ando

After his retrospective at the Pompidou Centre in 2018, Tadao Ando returns to Château La Coste where he completed a number of works in 2011. A selection of prints and drawings will be displayed in a specially designed pavilion within the Old Wine Storehouse, offering visitors an insight into the creative process of this Japanese master who has such an important presence at La Coste, having conceived the Art Centre and the Chapel.

Exhibition from the 11th April to the 16th of June 2019

Paul Mathieu


Paul Mathieu is a French designer, based in New York. He has had a studio in Aix en Pce since 1993, where he also conceived a special commission for the historic Madeleine Church. Here he designed an Altar, a chandelier, a celebrant’s seat, a Pascal candleholder and six candlesticks. Still Motion brings together a selection of Paul Mathieu’s iconic pieces, created independently of each other as objects or sculpture. These pieces gave birth to a “mouvement immobile”.

Exhibition from the 17th March to the 22nd of May 2019

Rencontre Photos - Puy-Sainte-Réparade

The city hall of Le-Puy-Sainte-Réparade organises the first “Rencontres Photographiques” to value the art of contemporary photography, and encourage people of the area to use their artistic and creative talents. It will also be the occasion to present their works to the public and to create a discussion with professional photographers. Château is happy to exhibit those photos in the exhibition room “La Bastide”.

Exhibition from the 24th of March to the 10th of April 2019 

Jean Prouvé


Sixty pieces will be presented in the exhibition pavilion designed by Renzo Piano. Furniture and architectural elements from the collection are for the most part prototypes, unique pieces, notably : a Centrale table, Antony (1954), a Présidence desk (1955), a lighted ramp from Le Mans (1954) and a swing-jib lamp fromAfrica (1952), as well as various types of facades such as a porthole panel from the Casino de Royan (1951), apanel from the Fédération du Bâtiment (1949), and a sliding door from the Pavillon du Centenaire de l’Aluminum (1954).
Exhibition from the 25th of November to the 5th of March

Per Kirkeby


Château La Coste, in conjunction with Michael Werner Gallery, is delighted to announce Matter is Light, an exhibition of paintings and sculptors who aims to celebrate the life and legacy of this great danish artist, a major figure of the European art. Equally important to his development as a painter and sculptor are the many experiments with architecture and performance Kirkeby carried out during his student days and into the 1970s

Exhibition from the 3rd of November to the 21st of January



Château La Coste, in conjunction with Kerlin Gallery and Yoshii Gallery, is delighted to announce Broken, the first major solo exhibition in the South of France by the celebrated Dublin-based artist Guggi. The exhibition consists of new sculpture and works on paper.

Exhibition from the 26th of August to the 11th of November 2018

Cy Twombly


The exhibition comprises of thirty photographs including intimate spaces, landscapes, and natural subjects, taken between 1985 and 2008. From his days as a student at Black Mountain College until his death in 2011 at the age of 83, Twombly captured his daily life in photographs. He recorded the landscapes of Virginia and the coasts of Italy; details of ancient buildings ; and still lifes of objects and flowers.
Exhibition from the 26th of August to the 1st of November

Thomas Dozol

I AND THEM 08/18

For Château La Coste, Dozol decided to combine and contrast three separate bodies of work: his first photographic series; his first foray into screen-printing on paper; and his most recent works layering photography and screen-printing onto large format canvases.

Exhibition from the 26th of August to the 25th of October 2018

Sophie Calle


Death, loss and love are explored in two exhibitions that include a series of large black and white tombstone photographs laid out on one gallery floor, her more recent “Autobiography” series, and her seminal work “Exquisite Pain”, the first time this has been shown in France since her 2004 exhibition at the Centre Pompidou.

Exhibition from the 2nd of July to the 15th of August 2018

Jean Prouvé & Richard Rogers


In 2015, Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners adapted a Jean Prouvé 6×6 Demountable House, 1944, designed for the victims of Word War II in the Lorraine region. While preserving the integrity of the original structure, Richard Rogers and his team have added electricity, hot water, kitchen and bathroom, to create an autonomous home.

Exhibition from the 2nd of June to the 17th of June 2018

  • Jean Prouvé

Tony Berlant


In 1966-68, the West coast pop artist, Tony Berlant built three large scale sculptures. Celebrated as key works in West Coast Pop, these works were exhibited in the Whitney Museum and later installed in the offices of architect, Frank Gehry who cites them as a major influence on his work. In 2019, they will find their home in a three tower pavilion designed by Gehry.

Exhibition from the 14th of April to the 15th of June 2018

Etel Adnan


Etel Adnan fill the Renzo Piano Pavilion with her vibrant colours. A selection of paintings demonstrate the rich and bold palette that has gained international attention in recent years for an artist who has a long, successful career as a writer. Opposite these works, two large new tapestries will be shown for the first time. Working with a weaver from Aubusson, Adnan continues in the tradition of Henri Matisse, Fernand Leger and other painters who have transferred their compositions to this medium.

Exhibition from the 3rd of March to the 21st of May 2018

Callum Innes


Château la Coste is pleased to announce In Position, the first major solo exhibition in France by the Scottish artist Callum Innes. Innes has considered an installation in response to the Jean-Michel Wilmotte-designed gallery space, that includes three site-specific wall paintings, watercolours and a major new canvas work. A fully-illustrated publication will accompany the exhibition, featuring a new text by critic and art historian Éric de Chassey (Institut National d’Histoire de l’Art, Paris).

Exhibition from the 3rd of February to the 2nd of April 2018



JR exhibits in the streets of the world and crosses art and action. His work challenges the general public around topics such as commitment, freedom or identity. His public interventions in situ are strong acts that give an unique voice and presence to both the subjects of his photographs and his audience. He has also demonstrated an extraordinary ability to surpass disciplines, challenging categories and reaching new audiences. For Château la Coste he has developed his first new museum piece.

Exhibition from the 10th of December 2018 to the  25th of February 2018

  • Photo_JR

Jeppe Hein


After spending some time at Château La Coste in 2016 and 2017, Hein has proposed to re-organise the gallery space. Partly inspired by the different routes and options that visitors find around La Coste, Hein has broken up this volumous, “white cube” space into a series of smaller spaces. In doing so, it presents visitors with various choices and experiences along the way, as is suggested by the exhibition title.

Exhibition from the 30th of September 2017 to the 12th of January 2019

Giuseppe Penone


Considering Piano’s design and the surrounding landscape, Penone has carefully selected works that will be presented both inside and outside the gallery, creating an overall dialogue between his artwork, architecture and nature. Works on paper or the delicate replication of a single grain of sand are included in a context that brings a poignant resonance to Penone’s interest in questions of nature and identity in todays industrialised society.

From the 10th of  September to the 26th of  November 2017