Château La Coste is delighted to announce Broken, the first major solo exhibition in the South of France by the celebrated Dublin-based artist Guggi. The exhibition consists of new sculpture and works on paper.

In a new series of paintings on paper, Guggi depicts motifs of bowls and jugs, drawn in jagged pencil lines. Each vessel appears to crinkle or contort, presented on distressed brown paper with torn edges and surface creases. Repetition is a key motif, with many of the paintings divided into two distinct spheres of paint.

Adding a second strand to Broken, the artist presents a series of sculptures, made from bronze, fibreglass, resin and oil paint. The simple, curvilinear forms of these bowl-like vessels bestow them an almost meditative quality – in a bronze piece, for instance, the matte black exterior withholds light while its highly polished interior reflects it. As well as giving three-dimensional expression to Guggi’s nuanced explorations of form and space, these works create a link to the landscape of Château La Coste, home to Guggi’s monumental bronze sculpture Calix Meus Inebrians since 2009.

Guggi was born 1959, Dublin, Ireland and began his career as a musician with the cult band Virgin Prunes, notorious for their unusual yet spectacular performances, before concentrating full time on painting. Since the early 1990’s Guggi’s work has continued to explore the depiction of common everyday objects. With a focus on repetition and abstraction, Guggi’s signature motifs of bowls and other vessels are transformed and freed of their context often articulated with a deceptive simplicity that heightens their stillness and meditative presence.

Kelly Grovier, historian and art critic, writes of Guggi’s work: “Objects from another world that don’t sit so much as shudder, as if lit from an energy deep inside that confounds their substance. Excavations of dissolving form – half-remembered and half-erased – at once poignant and philosophical.”

Previous exhibitions include Yoshii Gallery, Paris (2017) and New York (2016, 2010); Kerlin Gallery, Dublin (2013, 2009, 1993, 1990); Accademia Fine Art, Monaco (2012); BePalermitano, Buenos Aires (2012); Freies Museum, Berlin (2011); John Rocha, London (2010); Osborne Samuel Gallery, London (2004) and Tony Shafrazi Gallery, New York (2001). Guggi’s work is held in the public collections of the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, Château La Coste, Le Puy Sainte Réparade, France and Akureyi Municipal Art Gallery, Iceland and collected by both private and corporate collections in Ireland and abroad.