Concert at Frank Gehry's music pavilion 

The summer concerts return with an eclectic program.
Frank Gehry's Music Pavilion is the promise of unique evenings in the heart of the vineyards. 


Lyre Le Temps | Friday 24th of June | 8:00pm - 11:00pm

Since their debut in 2009, the Strasbourg-based band has been bringing all generations together in a whirlwind of swing, electro and hip-hop, a bit like Cab Calloway tap-dancing to the beat of scratches.
Called Swing Resistance, the new album composed of 14 tracks was made by 4 musicians in need of a trip during the health crisis. A new rereading of time, dressed in hip-hop, jazz and electro traditions.

Friday 24th of June, Château La Coste awaits you for a concert between swing, electro beats, hip-hop, ska and reggae at Frank Gehry's Music Pavilion.
A musical and dancing escape between art, architecture and vineyards of the Domain.

Come and enjoy, for one evening, a unique space-time interlude between the roguish humor of the Roaring Twenties and the modernity of the Strasbourg band. 


Tim Dup | Sunday 24th of July | 8:30pm - 10:00pm

The crazy race of Tim Dup, his 3rd opus, promises to make dance the beautiful days! The artist confides with a smile that he took great pleasure in writing and composing it, and we believe him. The album is a concentrate of delicacies. One finds there an accomplished pen, texts chiselled, pop'isés of sun.
We discover a voice freed from its juvenile air, mastered more and more, this timbre which has fun and wanders from octave to octave. 

In her previous album, the artist questioned the future of the planet, the weight of time and the meaning of transmission. 2020 and its batch of uncertainties have vanished, tour and procrastination. What will remain of it? Its author answers in major and chooses to twist the intensity of life, the beauty of the ephemeral, panache of modern elegance and sincerity.

On Sunday 24th of July, come and discover or re-discover Tim Dup and his pop songs in the shelter of Frank Gehry's Music Pavilion, surrounded by the vineyards of Château La Coste, in the heart of a colorful Provencal region. 

The invitations to the sunny reunion are launched, it's time to lighten up the winter, towards the crazy race of the summer. Tim Dup is waiting for you for an evening out of time. 


Lyre Le Temps 
Friday 24th of June 2022 | 8pm
Price : 25€00 in presale (children under 14 years old free)
Reservation on line !

Tim Dup
Sunday 24th of July 2022 | 8:30pm
Price : 25€00 in presale (children - 14 years old free)
Reservation on line ! 

Frank O. Gehry's Music Pavilion