Exhibition Mnésmosyne - Anne & Patrick Poirier 


«This exhibition is a journey through the space and time of our memory.

It unites works from various periods that we have chosen to exhibit together in order to highlight both the links between the works themselves, and with the exhibition space. They are imaginary constructions inspired by real archaeological sites that we have come across over the course of our lives as «archeologists-architects».

Since the very beginning of our careers, we have harboured a passion for archeology and ruined cities, both of which have served our love of architecture, as we recognise the close relationship between archeology, architecture, memory and the psyche. Through this link we understood that architecture, be it in ruins or not, could act as a metaphor for memory and the psyche.

The purity of the space created by Renzo Piano led us to select white architectural pieces, a colour chosen to evoke the idea of utopia; white architecture within white architecture, which is itself a cerebral space. »

The exhibition brings together a dozen works from 1979 to 2020 and revolves around a monumental immaculate wood maquette untitled Mnémosyne (1990), named after the ancient Greek goddess of memory.

Posted on: Monday, April 19, 2021