The 2022 harvest is over at Château La Coste

After three weeks of surveying the various vineyards of the estate, the team of grape-pickers at Château La Coste has finished harvesting the grapes. The grapes, from several varieties, were transported to our Jean Nouvel winery.

But the wine-making process doesn't end there. There are still a number of steps that must be followed before the 2022 Château La Coste vintage can be tasted.

After harvesting the grapes, a crucial stage which is carried out 50% by hand, the grapes are taken to our winery. Our team then makes a second selection of the grapes in order to work only with perfectly healthy grapes.

At present, always in an unequalled respect of the sanitary conditions, the grape-pickers of Château La Coste proceed to the pressing stage. This stage consists of transforming the sugars in the must into alcohol and revealing the aromas through the action of fermenting yeasts.