Tian of ratatouille by Chef Francis Mallmann

" This recipe is for those of us who know that good things often come to those who wait. Tian of ratatouille is one of the most requested dishes in my restaurants in Patagonia and Buenos Aires. There we make it in a convection oven, but in a home oven it is also wonderful. The main thing is to cook it for about three hours on a low heat. It is important to have patience because it takes a long time to reach the centre. If you do it in a hurry, it is likely to be burnt on the outside and raw on the inside. If you go slowly, the heat goes to the centre and gives you a unique creaminess on the inside and a lot of crispness on the outside. " - Francis Mallmann 

Tian of ratatouille

  • 1kg of courgette 
  • 1,2kg of tomato
  • 1kg of aubergine
  • 250ml olive oil 
  • 5 cloves of garlic 
  • Set and chilli

Preparation of the Tian of ratatouille :

  • Prepare a garlic oil by grating the cloves and adding olive oil.
  • Cut all the vegetables into 2 mm thick slices and set aside.  
  • Arrange the vegetables so that they are intertwined (like a snail).
  • Add garlic oil, salt and pepper.

Baking :

  • Bake on low heat (about 160°) for four hours.
  • Once the centre is cooked and creamy, finish in a high oven at 195° until golden.

To accompany :

Our Château Rosé 2021 wine is the perfect accompaniment to a Tian de ratatouille. 
A wine marked by minerality and finesse of expression, this rosé with a dominant white fruit flavour will highlight the vegetables of Francis Mallmann's speciality.