Conceived by the landscape designer, Louis Benech, the vegetable garden at Château La Coste is composed of twelve equal-sized square plots of aromatic herbs, vegetables and flowers. It is edged on one side by an orchard of almond, peach, red plum and cherry trees.

The central plots of the garden are planted with perennials, perfumed roses, asparagus and artichokes. The remaining squares on either side are replanted each year to enable rotation. Depending on the year, you can find aubergines, tomatoes, cosmos ..

As the land is on a gentle slope, Louis Benech invented a watering system which allows the gardener to water each plot separately. The irrigation channels are made from steel beams normally used in construction. Water flows by gravity which allows each plot in its turn, to be inundated. It was with a nod of respect to the Pavilions of Jean Prouvé, which sit at the far end of the garden, that Louis Benech chose this raw, industrial material.

At the extremity of the garden is an alignment of cypress trees which protect the plants against the mistral wind.

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