Destruction du père. Reconstruction du père
Louise Bourgeois

This collection of texts present diverse biographicical elements about Louise Bourgeois. Interviews, personal diaries, articles and letters allow us to understand better this renowned artist. Her comments on her artworks reveal an autobiographical artist.

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Bastide et Jardins de Provence
Nerte Fustier-Dautier

This book presents an architecture unique to Provence. During the golden era of the early 17th century, Bastides transformed the Provencal landscape and defined the society of the time. This book retraces its history through specific examples such as Le Jas de Bouffan.

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Le Très Grand Petit Poucet
Charles Perrault

This re-adaptation brings new life to a classic Charles Perrault’s tale with contemporary, layered illustrations by Clementine Sourdais. The clever use of lazer cut pages and a woodcut aesthetic recall popular/folk art and create wonderful, dynamic surprises for the reader.

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