Francis Mallmann at Château La Coste

“Chateau La Coste is, for me, a palace of grace. A celebration of food, wine, art and architecture. Returning to France now with a restaurant project, makes me very happy, since this beautiful country holds one of the most important hearts of the cooking cultures of the world. France was truly generous and rigorous with me during the years I spent working around many of its 3 star restaurants in the early eighties. She embraced my dreams and opened it’s most romantic path to me, to travel around its culture, history and taste. She taught me the true values of quality: silence, respect and space. Forever in my mind are the most gorgeous flower vases that always stand in beauty wherever you go. Now being in Provence, it’s very inspiring to work with the most delicious products of the world, in a restaurant that embodies the spirit of my South American fires. The colours of the interior design were chosen after the colours that Cezanne used in his atelier of Aix-en-Provence. I am very honoured to bring the taste of my cooking to a country that inspired my very first beginnings.”

A new way of cooking from Argentina arrives at Château la Coste.
Mediterranean fish roasted in a clay oven. Charolais beef, dome-hung and cooked over fires. Fresh vegetables and herbs from Provence cooked “Rescoldo” style – buried in ashes. A long roll up of vegetables marinated and seared to perfection on the plancha. Charred summer fruits with homemade ice cream and dulce de leche pancakes will show you our love for desserts.
Join us for a glorious meal rooted in the outdoor, smoked, lifestyle of romantic Argentina.
“Fires at Château la Coste”,Mallmann. An elegant, rustic simplicity. An every day celebration of healthy and soulful taste.”

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Spring season
Open everyday for diner 7pm – 9:30pm
From Friday to Sunday for lunch 12pm – 2:30pm